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June 12, 2017

Lettering da project: an overview on Italian vintage store signs

Italian lettering vintage store signs from Genova

Italian vintage store signs

Vintage store signs are fascinating. They’re a testimony and a guide to a city’s past, even if they’ve become too often just a part of the urban landscape we encounter as tourists or citizens and go unnoticed.

Lettering da (Lettering from) project focus on Italian lettering retro and vintage store signs with a unique format. This original and interesting project started in 2012 and has been founded by Silvia Virgillo, a freelance graphic designer and art director in love with typography, with the intention of  creating a unique and easily recognizable project, different from the other photographic archives on the web, featuring a shot of the store sign and an highlight on the font, a ‘type focus’ regarding the appearance of each letter, digitally redrawn and compared to existing typefaces.

Italian lettering vintage store signs from Italy

Italian vintage store signs, image via Lettering da

Turin has been the first city to be featured on Facebook, but the format has expanded. Now Lettering da features the store signs from many Italian cities thanks to the contributions of other curators, a team of Italian graphic designers, creatives, illustrators from all over the country. Among the featured cities ParmaModenaLecceTriesteJesiFaenzaVeneziaRomaGenovaMateraMilanoTorino.


Italian lettering vintage store signs from Trieste

Italian vintage store signs in Trieste, image via Lettering da



Italian urban lettering is wide and Lettering da is constantly growing also on Facebook.

You can browse the signs featured in Lettering da in the official website or in the Facebook pages dedicated to this interesting project:




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