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CVTà STREET FEST 2017 – Saving an old village in Molise, Italy, with a street art festival


After the success of the first edition, CVTà Street Fest is returning to Civitacampomarano, a small village in the Campobasso area. Since the start of 2017, a severe landslide that shows no signs of stopping has been threatening this splendid village in Molise with its four hundred inhabitants, including children. This year repainting the walls of this medieval village in Molise is also an attempt to counter the dwindling population.

This second second edition of the street art festival involves the Italian artist Gola, the Argentine artist Bosoletti, Nespoon from Poland and the Italian artist Maria Pia Picozza.

 CVTà Street Fest has been created by the artist Alice Pasquini, known as AliCè. In 2017 the event has been entirely redesigned. This edition of the festival runs over three months with a relay team of four international artists who take turns, brushes in hand, working one after another on the walls of the village centre.

The climax of the CVTà Street Fest will come when with an immense party of colours, sounds and tastes, involving the entire population. From 1st – 4th June guided tours will be organised among the various  walls, hiking to discover the historical and natural beauty of the surrounding area, with street food, live music  and special guests.




For those wishing to help Civitacampomarano, a fundraising campaign has been launched “HELP CIVITA”, the proceeds will be used to fund the conversion of the building that once housed the nursery school into a new Town Hall as well as the headquarters of the Civil Protection. Contributions can be transferred to the City of Civitacampomarano post office bank account using the IBAN IT91L0760103800000012918868 or directly to the post office current account number 12918868. The payment description must include the words “HELP CIVITA, funds to support the new Town Hall building”. It is also possible to use PayPal:


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