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May 8, 2017
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May 8, 2017

Breaking the rules in Bologna – A food tour with pioneers and innovators – magazine featured


Tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle. Name this pasta and you’ll think of Bologna and its food tradition: tasty dishes served in traditional restaurant. In this wonderful medieval town in the north of Italy, well known for the oldest university, for the arches that cover all town’s centre,  the gastronomic tradition is not meant to stand still. Despite of this well-estabilished traditional food culture, during the years some courageous entrepreneurs decided to do things differently and experiment.

I’ve met meet the historical founders of some unconventional food business in town that from around 30 years ago begun this innovation and kept their business successful, and some brave and young entrepreneurs that have recently opened their activity with a touch of innovation. This story has been featured in the Italian edition of Zoom Zoom – Mazda’s official magazine, with Adrienne Pitts’ wonderful images.

Valeria Naldi invented street food in Bologna in the 80’s in her pastificio, cooking her fresh pasta and selling it in her shop. She still does it and this place, in via del Pratello, a well know street in the centre renowened for the nightlife. Her shop is highly recommended for eating traditional bolognese food on the go as some local would do.

Taj Mahal has been on of the first Indian restaurant in Bologna, opened 20 years ago by Ayoub Mohammad.

Mozzabella is a newly opened place, the pizza and sides they propose are unusual and colorful and, most importantly, taste delicious.

L’ora d’aria is a restaurant and cocktail bar in Via Morgagni. They pair their outstanding cocktails with typical Italian dishes.



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