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November 25, 2016
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Trentino’s sounding wood: a modern tale from Stradivari’s sound-magazine featured

There are so many hidden stories with fantastic characters in Italy that not even the most passionate foreigner (or even Italian) traveller would become easily aware of.  In Trentino, in northern Italy there’s a wood, a sounding forest, with special trees. Stradivari knew and appreciated this forest very well: he got his lumber there for his amazing violins because of their unique properties. For centuries a particular microclimate here,  in  Val di Fiemme has provided ideal conditions for the growth of resonance wood, the fundamental material for constructing the quality musical instruments central to the sound of Western music.

My story regarding this less known part of Trentino and its productive inhabitants, such as the artisan/entrepreneur, Fabio Ognibeni, that uses this wood for his luxury speakers with Opere sonore, or the charming tree whisperer, Marcello Mazzucchi has been featured in the Italian edition of Zoom Zoom – Mazda’s official magazine, with Helenio Barbetta’s stunning pictures.

If you wish to discover more regarding Il Bosco che suona, Trentino’s sounding wood, follow the link to Visit Fiemme’s website


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