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Devil’s Valley: the geothermal Tuscany you don’t know yet – a magazine featured story

Ever wondered about what inspired Dante’s Hell in the Divine Comedy? The answer is in the wildest, less known part of Tuscany, Devil’s Valley, a beautiful land rich of geothermal resources.

In this area you can find geothermal phenomena unique in their genre and an unusual landscape: the steam from the geysers, the fumaroles and the hot springs has changed the appearence of this land throught the centuries.

My story about this wonderful and misterious part of Tuscany has been featured in the Italian edition of Zoom Zoom – Mazda’s official magazine, with evocative pictures by Nicola Carignani


We’ve been travelling from Volterra, passing Pomarance and the Salines, following the SS 439. That’s the road that will bring you from the traditional Tuscany with its hamlets and typical sightseeing to Larderello,  with many attraction and a brand new interacting museum regarding geothermy, to Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, a wonderful medieval village surrounded by geothermy (if you are looking for accomodation, this b&B has a view on the centrale, a wonderful breakfst and an ancient architecture).

Going through Devil’s Valley you will find Sasso Pisano, with a Biolago and yoga outdoor platforms, a brewery with geothermal beer and a wonderful geothermal park. Here you can enjoy an (easy) trekking and cross the mountain, through the park, joying Monterotondo Marittimo other Geothermal park.


One of the most beautiful experience in Devil’s Valley is driving and observing this incredible sightseeing made of steam, cooling towers and natural phenomena.


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