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January 29, 2016
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April 15, 2016

Street Art in Tor Marancia: an unexpected neighbourhood in Rome

During the fascist regime – when the Fori Imperiali area changed dramatically its appereance – most of the original inhabitants have been moved to a less central, more popular area, Tor Marancia.


There, in Via di Tor Marancia 75, an intire district has now been dedicated to Street Art. The walls have been commissioned to many international street artists such as Vhils, Jaz, Seth, Gaia, Moneyless, Pantonio, Satone, Lek&Sowat, Clemens Bher, Reka, Best Ever, Brad Downey, Guido Val Helten, Matteo Basilé, Diamond, Philippe Baudelocque, Albernero, Danilo Bucchi, Mr Klevra, Domenico Romeo, Caratoes, Jerico for the Big City Life project.


It’s an unusual and interesting, out of touristic routes, place in Rome. All the walls can be seen in half an hour, they’re all in the same spot.


Within a walking distance to the beautiful Garbartella neighbourhood or easily reachable with buses (enter here the address Viale di Tor Marancia 75 from your location to get there), if you want to have a street art-full immersion and many stunning pictures, this place it’s surely worth a visit.



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