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Rocchetta Mattei: a thrillingly beautiful fairytale in Northern Apennines

rocchetta mattei castle italy

rocchetta mattei castle italy

Not even many Italians are aware that Northern Apennines host an amazingly weird castle, build by an eclectic count. Rocchetta Mattei is located in a breathtaking area of Italy.
20150816_174554Few kilometers from Bologna, not even far from Tuscany, you can spot this fortress well hidden by the mountains popping up from a beautiful scenario made of woods and a river, like in a fairytale. Maybe a twisted, beautiful and creepy one, as this place was built by Count Mattei in 1850 to practice his alternative medicine and his experiments regarding electrohomeopathy, a mix of homeopathy with a secret ingredient, probably related to electricity, never discovered so far.

20150816_161823Mattei hosted and cured many people there, had visions that were painted in the “vision room”, and planned to celebrate his 90th birthday with other 90 old men here. He never could, as he passed out at 87, taking with him many secrets. This castle has been built mixing various styles, from medieval to arabic and oriental, and enclose many symbols from masonery and numerology.


Surrounded by legends of spooky apparitions, it’s an unmissable eye candy if you’re visiting the area. It has been closed for more than 20 years but from summer 2015 it has now been reopened. Till December, every Saturday and Sunday from 10,00 to 1 pm and from 3 to 6 pm tours (7 euro pp.) are run by a staff composed by guides (also in English) and volunteers.



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