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November 4, 2014
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January 27, 2015

Christmas designed by Italians-Presents and more from the Belpaese

Browsing the web for a Christmas present in this time of the year is far less stressing than hitting the high street shops. Or, at least, is quicker. And you know, Italy is a very creative country, so here’s the occasion to take a glance at the wonderful-designed-by-Italians art and merchandising you can find online, selected by A Continental Breakfast.


Manu Italica is like heaven if you’re a lover of luxury. This website selects designers, fashion items and art, all rigorously hand-made in Italy and supplied in limited editions.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.02.43


MondoPOP has been promoting and selling Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow and Street art since 2007, in the online store you can find a selection of many Italian artists and designers, including Nicola Alessandrini, Gio Pistone, Allegra Corbo, Alice Pasquini, and so on.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.05.35

Sacripante Gallery is a new space in Rome. They have on show Diavù and Lucamaleonte with The End Is The Beginning. The art is available on sale, upon contacting the gallery.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.08.27

And you can find outstanding art also contacting the artists directly when browsing their website: Irene Rinaldi, Alessandra De Cristofaro, Federica Del Proposto are easily reachable online.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.10.52

Irene Rinaldi

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.13.33

Alessandra De Cristofaro

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.15.04

Federica Del Proposto

Bafefit portraits the dark site of Christmas. You can find his art on Etsy.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.18.26


On Society 6 you can find prints, t shirts and merchandising from many Italian artists, including Alberto Corradi.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.19.50

Ale Giorgini, already featured on A Continental Breakfast, has a shop section on his website and on his blog with original art, prints, tees and books.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.23.59


Massimo Giacon has a dedicated section on his website too, and you can find his collection of his Xmas items designed for Alessi.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.25.35

And sometimes buying art, products and prints designed-by-Italians makes you feel better too, especially when it’s for a good cause.

In this website all the items are sold to raise funds for the beautiful Gargano area (Puglia, Italy), damaged by floods last summer. You can find art from Marco About and many other talented artists.



Here you’ll find many wonderful items in the art shop and in the toys shop section. It’s the Mattia Fagnoni association’s website. Mattia is affected by a rare genetic degenerative illness called Sandhoff disease: the 100% of the donations collected goes to the research, the purchase of new equipment for Mattia’s hospital and to help other families with patients affected by similar condition with their special medical expenses.

Schermata 12-2456999 alle 13.31.43

*If you are an Italian artist, creative or designer and would like to be featured here, give us a shout submitting your work to s.dalzotto (at) gmail (dot) com*


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