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September 6, 2013
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Ale Giorgini and Illustri in Vicenza, get lost in unmissable Italian new art

Adding some good new art to an Italian historical city it’s like topping and already delicious hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallow. Saying so, if you happen to be in Vicenza from now to mid-January, in the wonderful scenario of the Basilica Palladiana, a stunning building from the 15th century designed by Andrea Palladio, don’t miss the Illustri show.

The subtitle “11 Italian Illustrators under 40 that make the rest of the world jealous” speaks by itself. Young and emerging artists, already popular in their field, show together for the first time. If you’re missing the event, the catalogue is shipped worldwide.

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Among all the wonderful illustrators on show is Ale Giorgini, artist and curator, that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Born in Vicenza, he designs for national Italian magazines and works with many international brands.


His work has been shown worldwide but he’s a very humble artist, fond of his work and excited about all these new opportunities.


Where do you find inspiration and what motivates you?
I love looking at people’s faces and I’ve been always fascinated by portraying. My design always starts with a face. But then everything around me is somehow a source of inspiration: sometimes it can be a song, sometimes an object, a story read in the newspaper, a comic book, a movie, sometimes even a dream that wakes me up at night. Or maybe something from our routine which we do not often pay attention.


The relationship between your work and movies and TV series is very tight. How did it all started?
I love cinema and (good) tv. Mixing my passion for drawing to the one for movies was a natural process. When I first started practicing to improve my style, I also aimed to improve the representation of faces and environments. I needed some models to be portrayed, I needed a series of people that were potentially recognizable. I thought then that a cast was the perfect testing ground. I’ve watches some old DVDs and I practiced in recreating the entire cast. From this I made a series of alternative posters of my favorite movies, these were “training” and also my tool of promotion. I published them online, to get feedback from those who followed my blog. The reactions were very good, both from the audience and from art experts. Those images have started to literally travel around the world: China, Japan, United States, Russia, France, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Canada, Thailand. They appeared in a service of France24 TV dedicated to me, on the homepage of the Academy, in the official journal of the Canadian Cineplex and also included in the book “Alternative Movie Posters” by Matthew Chojnacki. All this talking about my work led to concrete contacts. Like, for example, the two galleries which I collaborate with in the U.S. (Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles and Bottleneck Gallery in New York). Or Warner Bros, for which I have just designed a poster celebrating the TV series The Big Bang Theory. Sony Pictures wanted two of my poster for a set of their TV series, Foot Locker has asked me to illustrate one of their campaigns recently launched in Europe and the Emirates to make the cover of their newspaper board.


What is the aspect of your job that gives you the most satisfaction ?
Probably the fact of having being able to fulfill my wish to do this as a job. Thinking I have succeeded on my own, working hard, making sacrifices, fills me with satisfaction. I feel privileged because I do what I like.


Find Ale on Facebook and on his web space in order to know more about him, his art, show and merchandise.



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