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July 2, 2013
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Looking at Bologna’s past: Bologna che cambia

534264_293382497459276_581026879_nWhat if a town was built on the memory’s layers, overlapping the image we actually have of it? What if we could unveil every layer, finding what there was behind? This chances are not just portrayed in some ’80s sci-fi movies, or stored in a library, part of the narration of the oldest in a family dinner celebration. Exploring a town’s past and knowing more about a place we love is possible, it’s as far as a click.


Bologna che cambia it’s a website and a facebook page, constantly updated, that has been growing in the past year. The love for this beautiful, medieval city, renowned for its University but not discovered as much as it deserves by tourists, is in every picture posted daily.


We’ve seen something similar regarding Rome few posts ago. These websites are perfect for  who wants to understand better Italy’s past while living and visiting the towns.



In this way it’s easy to discover that in Italy we’ve changed so much in the past 50 years or so, that your favourite corner of Bologna wasn’t there at that time or, wow!, that there was a river in the middle of the town’s centre. Want to know more? Follow the link!

All pictures are courtesy of Bologna che cambia.


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