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June 10, 2013
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July 2, 2013

Dreams on canvas: the art of Gio Pistone

Sometimes dreams become real. In life, in paintings. The art of Gio Pistone is full of them. Her highly imaginative mind brings to life unknown worlds, strange creatures, a surreal atmosphere full of meanings, colours, eyes, legs. Staring at her art makes you look twice, searching for details and enjoying the colourful and dark scenario she portraits on walls, canvas, wood, sculptures. Makes you want to ask her some questions…


It’s your first day of school and you are six years old. How do you introduce yourself to the rest of the class?

Hi i’m Gio , you wanna play with me?


What makes you hungry and what takes away your appetite in art?

To get out for a full day that have nothing to do with art… cycling all day, a dinner out to the sea, nature, racing, and a concert of an artist I love or a night dancing with friends. Laughing so much. The next day I am totally inspired.

On the opposite, when I go and see exhibitions or, worse, a Museum, too big. That destroys me and my appetite.


Do you prefer to have food or colour on your hands?

Why must I choose one?

I prefer to have both. I often do the two things at the same time!


You work with paintings, drawings on paper and walls, sculptures, and in each work there’s an unusual atmosphere and weird characters, fascinating and mysterious. Where do the characters of your works come from?

They come from my very active oniric life!


What truly inspires your art?

I love animals, nature and to read strange books. My favourite readings are on mystery and surreal words. I think that’s why!


Is there a place to eat out that you would advise to our readers?

Lilly alla Fiumara (Fiumicino, Roma) it’s a very good place to eat fish.



Wanna know more of Gio Pistone‘s art?

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