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Déchire-moi: exploring the body as a canvas

Déchire-moi artwork is an artistic project that focuses on the body in many ways, with a strong impact. It is also the identity of an Italian model and perfomer, now living in Paris. It’s a peculiar view and interpretation-without compromising-by a female artist on the female body, her own.


Your work is very body-centered. Has it been difficult to detach from your own body and see it as a canvas?
Yes, the body is the principal subject, and the true substance of this work.
My own body becomes a blank canvas, as you say rightly, and I can play with it. It can be painted, transformed like we done for the Onyx serie.
I definitely think that’s the only way for me to work with images, creating several visions of me detached as distorted reflections. It’s quite easy and essential for the Déchire-moi artwork project.

You are both taking pictures and modeling. Are you able to express your aims also as a model, do you feel like you’re influencing the photographer’s work?
Certainly, the photographer’s work is influenced by the practice as a model, and vice versa. It’an amazing experience for each self-portrait, even if is quite difficult sometimes to realise it. I see myself out of my body from an external point of view. This is why it was really interesting to work with the photographer Lu.Te.Re for Onyx and his vision of me mixed with mine.


You’ve also been working with music and writing. Why did you choose photography to vehicle your messages? Do you reckon that the visual impact influences more the audience than something that tickles the other senses?
The Déchire-moi Artwork it’s a project started in 2006, and it has influenced my life, but also my music production as singer-performer. In the same way, after this live musical experience, I’ve added a performative dimension to my photographic work.

I needed to see my own images, like in front of a mirror, and I wanted to tear them apart, and then recompose them all in a completely different way, in order to transform me. I’ve chosen photography for this reason, and because the view is the most powerful sense. I really had so much visions to share, and it’s what I actually do. And also as you say, the visual impact in this society is stronger than ever, our life is fulled by every kind of images, so I really wanted to create my own.

The pictures I’m posting are from your brand new Onyx serie, so let us know more about it!
Onyx is a dripping-body painting serie realised by Déchire-moi Artwork (photography, model) Enrico Parente (graffiti-body painting) and Lu.Te.Re (photography). It was our first artistic collaboration based of a dripping technique, then a body painting’s session photographed and finally edited.



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