Federica Del Proposto: from comics to illustration, from Italy to France
April 5, 2013
A children’s book fair in Italy: Festival del libro per ragazzi at Candelo, Biella
May 3, 2013



It’s nice to see some new, iper-contemporary and figurative art in Rome at this high level. Suggestivism, curated by Nathan Spoor, also a talented artist, is presented by MondoPOP Gallery. 


The show will run from the 3rd to 30th May @ Casa Dell’Architettura. A wonderful location in central Rome.

Suggestivism “refers to the ability of an individual to pursue their purpose with an amplified understanding and sensitivity”. Surely this show presents some of the best Pop Surrealist and Lowbrow artists from this scene. A scene that has always been followed and sometimes anticipated by the pals @Mondopop.

Among others, the Italian artist Nicola Verlato. His work is strong, apocalyptic, innovative yet traditional. Powerful and potent with his subjects and his dreamlike atmosphere, narrating an unknown story as usual.


It’s surely worth visiting to get a glance of the new international artistic panorama, and enjoy its clash in the Eternal City.


Unmissable, with the artists:

Esao Andrews (USA)

Mia Araujo (USA)

Julian Callos (USA)

Cam de Leon (USA)

Ron English (USA)

Yoko d’Holbachie (Giappone)

Charlie Immer (USA)

Kris Lewis (USA)

Jason Limon (USA)

Chris Mars (USA)

Dan May (USA)

Jeff McMillan (USA)

Yevgeniya Mikhailik (USA)

David Molesky (USA)

Brendan Monroe (USA)

Heiko Müller (Germania)

Nathan Ota (USA)

Annie Owens (USA)

Michael Page (USA)

Joey Remmers (USA)

Eric Richardson (USA)

Scott Scheidly (USA)

Greg Simkins (USA)

Nathan Spoor (USA)

Winnie Truong (Canada)

Christopher Ulrich (USA)

Joe Vaux (USA)

Nicola Verlato (Italia/USA)

Heather Watts (Canada)

Martin Wittfooth (USA)

Sam Wolfe Connely (USA)

Chet Zar (USA)

Opening on Friday 3rd may-from 6 pm.


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