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March 20, 2013
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April 5, 2013

Being Nasty in Rome… a.k.a. the origin of a new magazine

Let’s forget for a moment about the history in Rome and focus for a while on something that is brand new and not 3000 years or so old, but still originated here. Even in such an ancient city it is still possible to found a brand new international magazine centered on contemporary art, fashion, beauty and icons, all in English. Jessica De Maio and Marco Giuliano, a duo of talented photographers and designers, just did it. They are the founders and creative directors of Nasty Magazine, and I I’m having a chat with them…


The new issue of Nasty is dedicated to lovers. Who cannot refuse to be in love with your magazine?

Nasty tries to highlight some aspects about the contemporary taste in fashion, art and culture with its own clean and radical approach. Essentially, Nasty points to a peer group with an assertive sense of purpose, but also who’s prying to open new perspectives definitely should give Nasty a try.

Nasty is a magazine born in Rome, completely in English, featuring artist and photographers from all over the world. It’s an ambitious project. What made you start all this?

Our will was (and is) to put into practice our love for the research bound to a different aesthetic. The choice of the language just reflects the idea of spreading it as much as possible.

Name 3 continental artists/photographer that should be discovered worldwide…

Oh well, there are a lot of brilliant talents over here but surely we cannot dismiss the Ukrainian artists duo Synchrodogs, and two photographers, Greta Ilieva and Mate Moro, whose work is featured also on the Lovers Issue.

Schermata 03-2456380 alle 12.32.29

So you may want to check out Nasty Magazine website to see what we’re talking about. The mag is downloadable and there is also the stylish printed copy that can be sent anywhere, worth for enjoying the quality of the pictures showcased.

Furthermore, Lovers issue, out now, features an interview signed by me to the intriguing artist Peter Gronquist. 





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