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March 10, 2013
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March 28, 2013

Welcome to the new Italian art with Marco About!


There’s more of Italy you need to know. There’s deserving art, there are fantastic contemporary Italian artists. One of the aims of this website is to spread the word about the unconventional, interesting part of Italy and its talents, like Marco About Bevivino. Painter, illustrator, he is part of the M.U.R.o movement, an open air street art museum in Rome. Let’s have a little chat with him…

It’s your first day of school and you have six years. How do you introduce yourself to the rest of the class?

Hello class, I’m Marco, I draw, paint, print, in general I always have dirty hands…


Do you think your Italian roots have an influence on your art? In which way you look at the art movements originally from abroad that now are popular in Italy, such as Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, Street art and so on? 

In what I do I guess you see my Italian roots, perhaps because I have never traveled a lot, so my influences come from what is closer to me. Abroad there is a great ferment, new artistic movements grows as potatoes in the fields! Keeping up with everyone and always keep yourself informed is like a full time job!

ipra 2012

You work also with silkscreen printing and poster art. Where do you find the major inspiration for these works?

Working with serigraphy in posters is one of my favourite things to do, especially when the client lets you free to create without getting too many limits. I think I’m influenced by all the images I see on the books about screen printing I put my hands on. Often I do not even stop to see who it belongs that particular print, but then I find myself trying to reproduce in my work that line or that shade briefly seen, that I have kept in my mind.

down 02

What makes you hungry and what takes away your appetite in art?

Repetition takes away my appetite, to see people copying each other just for the fame and money, that is the death of imagination and creativity. It makes me hungry to see new ideas, and those who do things for themselves without compromising.


Do you prefer to have food or colour on your hands?

Food for sure! Anyone who knows me knows I’m an hearty eater!

As a musician you have a group called Pasta e Patate (a lovely pasta and potatoes dish). As an artist which dish would you pick up for you?

Supplì (rice croquette with mozzarella and tomatoes on the inside). Besides the fact that I could live eating only supplì, I also have a tender mozzarella heart but a nice thick crust on the outside!

You’re from Rome. Where do you like to eat out?

Pizzeria La Contea, via Tito 50, Rome, a shabby-but-good place for pizza!



Demian, realized with Irene Rinaldi

You can find more on Marco’s art here, at Mondopop and in his website!


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