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March 4, 2013
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March 20, 2013

Gelato in Rome from the Nineteenth Century: Fassi!

You can find many ice cream shops in Rome, and everyone has his favorite place to go. But when you name Fassi, everyone knows what you’re talking about: it’s one of the oldest ice cream factory in Italy and opened in the Nineteenth Century as a kiosk in Central Rome.ImageGiacomo, the son of the founder, was the Pastry Chef for the King at the end of that century. He had very beautiful mustaches, which would have been quite trendy and hipster nowadays. The King, who didn’t like at all mustaches, made compulsory for everyone working in his kitchens to shave their face. Giovanni Fassi didn’t like the idea, and left such an important job. Giovanni and his mustaches opened an ice cream place in Piazza Navona, and later, founded the Palazzo del Freddo. You can see this beautiful palace near to Piazza Vittorio, close to Termini. Fassi is still there.


Reaching Fassi’s from the central station is very easy. 15 minute walking distance or 1 minute with the metro (stop at Piazza Vittorio), you’ll find yourself in this Gelato Kingdom in Via Principe Eugenio, 65. It is also close to Colosseum and Rione Monti.


In this huge ice cream shop, after a queue that on sunny days seems quite long, but goes fast, you can order a delicious gelato or its variations: cookies with gelato, sweet tramezzini with gelato, cakes, tiramisù and so on. Prices are ridiculously low, starting from 1,60 euro for the huge cone you see in the picture above.



And finally, the insider’s tip: order the doppia panna (double cream) gelato and you’ll get whipped cream inside of the cone and on the top as well. Flavours are many, pistacchio, rice, cream, chocolate, fruits… it’s time to make up your mind and speak up before some behind you jumps the queue!



  1. Linda says:

    Hi Sara, sounds and looks delicious. Greetings from Berlin where there is no good weather for ice cream at all … freezing!!!!

  2. Ciao Linda! How are you? Ok Berlin is maybe not the right city for enjoying gelato, but I love all the sweet quark you can find there, and many other things. What a lovely amazing city!

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