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February 28, 2013
Gelato in Rome from the Nineteenth Century: Fassi!
March 10, 2013

Flemish Art in Rome: pure love!

It’s very tough not to fall in love with the Flemish art, even when you’re in a city like Rome, that offers so many chances to admire the monumental and artistic beauty at almost every step. 72_BOSCHAt Chiostro Del Bramante you have the unique chance to    visit one of the most stunning examples of Reinassance Architecture, the Chiostro, designed between the 1400 and ‘500 by the famous architect, and enjoying a show that brings together all the Brueghel Dinasty, and other Flemish such as Hieronymus Bosh.

If you’re a fan of the new iper-contemporary figurative art, such as Pop Surrealism, you get the chance of visiting an exhibition that enlighten the roots of it in many ways. If you’re an art lover, you can easily get emotional observing every piece on show: masterpieces are too many to quote.

“Brueghel. The Fascinating World of Flemish Art celebrates the Brueghel dynasty, a family of Flemish painters who made an indelible mark on the history of European art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. More than 100 selected paintings and drawings provide a wonderful opportunity to admire unique masterpieces: the beautiful snowy Northern European landscapes, rural scenes, village fetes and still lifes, all of which strike us for their meticulous attention to detail. The works are reflections on human existence, bringing together the sacred and the profane, faith and superstition, the cult of beauty and the seductive qualities of the grotesque.”

Exhibition runs till 2th June 2013 in Via Arco della Pace 5, Rome, close to Piazza Navona, in central Rome. Enjoy!



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