Bil Bol Bul in Bologna and Crystal Castels
February 23, 2013
Flemish Art in Rome: pure love!
March 4, 2013

Finding Rome elsewhere:

24111_370334431526_7287703_nIn the common imaginary Rome is Colosseo, Roman Forum, fine food and good weather for most of the year. Stereotypes reflect for sure some aspects of this chaotic, modern and ancient at the same time, constantly growing city, but there’s more, or less, depending on the point of view. As a tourist, or as a researcher, or as a lover of the Eternal City, you may want to see what Rome has lost in the years, and confront it with the actual scenario.

This website, Roma Sparita, and the Facebook page are definitely a resource for everyone with a taste for Rome. They also offer tours, events: is a page worth seeing that leaves you with a sweet feeling.

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